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TraceTrace Monitoring System

It is important to monitor any critical safety system especially in unmanned or remote areas.

Upon a fault or discharge of a Firetrace automatic fire suppression system it is important to notify the relevant personnel and in some cases automatically isolate the protected equipment. Where an existing alarm or BMS exists this can normally be easily achieved but where no such infrastructure exists it can be more challenging. 

The TraceTrace monitoring device offers a simple way of interfacing with the Firetrace pressure switches via a tag and gateway system to provide notification by both email & SMS.

Firetrace TraceTrace System Components
The unit uses the latest wireless technology to communicate with strategically placed gateways around the site.
A survey of larger sites is recommended to ascertain the number of gateways required. 
The TraceTrace device is ideal for remote applications or where it is not practical or economical to connect to existing alarm devices. 
With 2 available inputs, the TraceTrace can monitor 2 x Firetrace systems reducing the need for additional tags. Multiple tags will communicate with a single gateway up to 500m range. 
Firetrace Tag for TraceTrace System

So how does it work?

If the Firetrace system is low on pressure due to a Fire or fault, the TraceTrace will send an SMS to the server.

TraceTrace monitors the Firetrace System via our pressure switch.


Providing the Firetrace system has pressure, the TraceTrace will not activate.
TraceTrace communicates with the gateway every few minutes. If for any reason the unit is off line, a message is sent by the server. If the battery voltage drops or there are any other issues with the TraceTrace an alert is also sent.


If the Firetrace system is low on pressure due to a Fire or fault, the TraceTrace will send an SMS to the server.

Diagram of How The TracTrace System By Firetrace Works

The Firetrace Solution


TraceTrace is a standalone system. It requires no external power (integrated 3yr battery) and is enclosed in a compact IP66 enclosure.

Connected to one of our pressure switches, TraceTrace can detect a loss of pressure or discharge and will email you and send an SMS the moment there is a problem.

We will also receive an email and SMS so we can monitor the unit remotely and contact you in the event of an alarm for additional peace of mind.

All you need to do is supply up to 4 email addresses and up to 4 mobile phone numbers and we’ll do the rest.Upon activation, the unit sends a signal to the local gateway, through the internet to a central computer which in turn sends an SMS and an email to the details provided.

TraceTrace can be installed in an additional housing for extra protection.

Firetrace TraceTrace System Installation

“Firetrace fire suppression system in my opinion is a no brainer piece of kit. Firetrace offers value for money, knowledge, great after sales service and are all round nice people." - VW Campervan installation