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Whilst some of our range is available with pre-fitted Firetrace detection tubing the remainder is supplied with the tubing separated.

These systems require a commissioning process which involves the introduction of Nitrogen to both test and prime the Firetrace installation. 

To achieve this Firetrace offer pressurising kits which include a small Nitrogen cylinder and all the tools required to commission a new system. 

The Firetrace pressurising kits are available to purchase or to hire. Details of the kits are below and you are welcome to contact us if you require more details.

 Be sure to familiarise yourself with the type of Firetrace system to be commissioned.

It will either be:

  • Low Pressure system (Powder, Foam, FE-36, Novec 1230)
  • High Pressure system (CO2, Nitrogen)
Firetrace Commissioning Kit

“Firetrace fire suppression system in my opinion is a no brainer piece of kit. Firetrace offers value for money, knowledge, great after sales service and are all round nice people." - VW Campervan installation