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  • Dockside Fire Halts Operations at UK’s Busiest Port

    Earlier this month fire crews were called to a fire at Felixstowe docks, the UK’s busiest port. A fire had broken out in one of the dockside cranes. Whilst the fire in the ship-to-shore crane was small, dock workers were moved to a place of safety and operations were halted.

  • Fire Suppression Companies – Protecting Rail Applications

    Any type of fire on a railway or at a train station can cause major disruption, so it is important for operators to choose fire suppression companies who have the right expertise to put out any blaze as soon as it starts. Firetrace systems are highly versatile and can protect a whole range of rail applications, protecting passengers and services.

  • Fire Suppression Systems – Boosting Safety in Factories

    The growth in the use of machinery for all kinds of processes has brought great benefits in terms of productivity, cost savings and efficiency. However, it also brings with it safety risks including those of a machine catching fire, or – in more extreme cases – an explosion. Fitting fire suppression systems is a responsible approach taken by employers who want to ensure the safe operation of factory or agricultural machinery and to reduce fire risks as much as possible.
  • Industrial Fire Suppression Systems – Five Key Factors

    Fitting quality industrial fire suppression systems is a vital safeguard for any factory or plant. As well as protecting your staff from fire risk it also protects your expensive machinery and equipment and the surrounding premises.

  • Vehicle Fire Suppression – Agricultural Machinery

    Farm fires are a constant threat to the agricultural industry, with insurance experts saying they could be costing businesses up to £100 million a year. Fires in machinery are one of the main causes of risk, so it is essential to protect combine harvesters, tractors and other farm machines with suitable vehicle fire suppression systems. Firetrace’s equipment is ideal for safeguarding farm vehicles and machinery.

  • Waste and Recycling Plant Fires

    There were more than 300 fires a year at UK waste and recycling plants between 2001 and 2013. These types of fires present a significant environmental hazard, endanger human life and inflict a major cost on companies in property damage and lost business. Last year a fire at a plant in Sutherland burned for 25 days before being extinguished; it not only damaged the production line of the recycling centre but affected the air quality of the surrounding area and compromised water sources.

  • Why Installing Fire Suppression Systems on Wind Turbines is Important.

    The UK is the windiest country in Europe and the growth in offshore and inshore wind turbine capacity has seen wind power delivering a growing percentage of the energy of the country.