Success Stories

Firetrace’s Automatic Fire Suppression system saved a precision turned parts manufacturer in Ludlow.


In January 2018 Firetrace installed an Automatic Fire Suppression System to a CNC machine for protection whilst working unattended. However, only two months later Firetrace were contacted after a member of staff had witnessed the system deploy and machine shutdown.


An engineer attended within a couple of days and confirmed there had been a fire which had been successfully suppressed. This was also shown as the CCTV camera captured the event showing the fire was extinguished within 5 seconds.

The emergency services were not required as the Firetrace system pressure switch interrupted the work programme and stopped the machine to prevent reignition of the fire. Additionally, the downtime of the manufacturing facility was minimal as the 5kg CO2 automatic fire suppression system extinguished the fire efficiently causing no damage to the interior.

Another great success for Firetrace!