Success Stories

 Find out how Firetrace’s Automatic Fire Suppression system saved a manufacturing business and supplier to pharmaceutical industry from fire.


In February, Firetrace Ltd were contacted by a grateful staff member after noticing their CNC machine was shut down by the Firetrace pressure switch. When contacting Firetrace firstly by email, a phone call from a Firetrace team member followed. After obtaining the customer’s details a solution to rectify the problem was suggested to get the business back up and running. It was prominent that a fire had occurred in the CNC machine due to the burst hole in the detection tubing.


Fortunately, Firetrace attended within a couple of days of the incident, travelling from Ipswich to the Republic of Ireland to install a replacement Fire Suppression System to ensure that the CNC machine was protected for future use and so the business was able to continue operating.

The emergency services were not contacted as the machine was shut down to prevent reignition by the Firetrace pressure switch. Additionally, the downtime of the manufacturing facility was minimal as the 2kg CO2 fire suppression system extinguished the fire efficiently causing no damage to the interior.

Another great success for Firetrace!