Success Stories

Find out how lightning struck twice at a Sussex mill, but Firetrace’s fire suppression systems saved the day.

Two fires in two days could have spelled disaster for Favor Parker Mill in Robertsbridge, Sussex. But fortunately the mill had been fitted with ten Firetrace systems in 2003, a year before the blaze.

The First Fire

In the first blaze on-site engineers were alerted via an alarm system on a Firetrace panel. They discovered that a 200 Amp circuit breaker had faulted on the switchgear, sparking an ignition within one of the grinder control panels.
Fortunately Firetrace had installed a carbon dioxide system, which was fixed within the panel, so the problem was instantly detected. It meant the blaze was already extinguished by the time the on-site engineers arrived. 
The speed of detection meant damage was limited to the faulty breaker alone and no other components were affected. 
Speaking at the time, plant manager Philip Milton praised Firetrace and said:  “If this panel had not been protected by Firetrace, the outcome could have been disastrous.”

The Second Fire

The second fire happened just two days later after Firetrace had reinstated the panel. The alarm was triggered by the same system again, but this time there was no trace of any damage so production continued at the mill.
Firetrace engineers were called and discovered the second fault was caused by wiring in the panel overheating. Only a few wires were damaged in the incident, but these were quickly replaced and the cause of the problem identified and solved.
The Firetrace system was replaced and it was back and running, all within the same day.

How Firetrace Helped

On this occasion the grinder panel had been fitted with a Firetrace 2 Kg system. As a result of the unique sensing properties of the Firetrace tubing it can quickly detect and extinguish a fire without damaging other components. Once the tubing detects the fire, it floods the panel with Carbon Dioxide and raises the alarm at the same time.
All ten Firetrace suppression systems were connected to an addressable Fire Alarm panel, and configured so staff could immediately pinpoint the exact location of any fire. The system is designed to prevent fires and limit any damage.
Mr Milton said: “Firetrace responded quickly to what we all thought was a warranty claim. It turned out that the system had again saved the panel and alerted us to the problem. Our Safety Department are aware of the systems’ performance and I am sure we are considering Firetrace for our other sites.”
Firetrace saved the day again!