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Automatic Fire Suppression System Saves Machine at a Suffolk Factory

Find out how Firetrace’s automatic fire suppression system saved a £60,000 machine at manufacturing firm AMOT in Suffolk. 

Why Firetrace Was Contacted

 AMOT took action after a blaze broke out during a machining operation in late 2010. The main cabin of a Mazak CNC lathe caught alight, which was caused by the coolant (neat cutting oil) igniting.  

Workers from the Bury St Edmunds factory were forced to evacuate and the fire brigade were called to attend the site. The fire damaged the extraction unit and a number of components had to be replaced.

The Solution

 AMOT, who design and develop safety products for rotating equipment such as engines and turbines, took prompt action. They contacted Ipswich based Firetrace and the team installed a fire suppressant system on the inside of the cabin as a precaution, to prevent any reoccurring fires.

How the Fire Suppression System Helped

As a direct result of the Firetrace system, damage was minimal when a second machine caught fire at the site on 10 January 2012. Like the first fire, it also broke out during a machining operation. The fire was caused by an insert that had failed, causing the cutting oil to ignite again. 

However, this time it was a different story – Firetrace’s system was immediately activated and the fire was promptly extinguished. On this occasion, there was no need to evacuate the factory or to call the fire brigade. In addition, there was no damage to the machine. There was only slight damage caused to the extraction hose leading from the machine cabin to the extractor. This cost around £40 to replace. 

The machine itself, when new, costs in excess of £60,000. In addition to minimising damage, it is also vital that the organisation keeps the machine running. The equipment at AMOT runs for approximately 15 hours a day, so downtime must be kept to a minimum. 

Fortunately, Firetrace UK were able to attend the Bury St Edmunds site the same day and replenish the automatic fire suppression system, so the machine could continue operating.

Another success for Firetrace!