Success Stories

See how Firetrace’s automatic fire extinguishing system averted a major disaster at Essex based precision engineering company C&M Precision.

Why Firetrace Were Contacted

As C&M Precision were using neat oil, the company’s machine tool supplier recommended using Ipswich based Firetrace to install an automatic fire suppression system on their Mori Seiki CNC lathe.
The system was installed purely as a precautionary measure, and C&M Precision never thought they would see it in use.
Unfortunately they did….

How Firetrace’s System Helped

One night, at the early hour of 4am, C&M Precision’s alarm system called, alerting staff to a fire. The company’s MD feared the worst, but was extremely relieved when it was discovered that there was no damage to the machine tool whatsoever….just the smell of burned oil. 
CCTV footage from the factory revealed the Firetrace system took a shade over five seconds to extinguish the fire.
And, within just five hours of Firetrace’s engineer re-gassing the system, they were in production again!
Firetrace’s MD Tim Melton was delighted that their system helped avert a major disaster and said: “The company’s production manager couldn’t recommend Firetrace’s system enough.
“They believe it to be an inexpensive answer to what could have been a very expensive scenario.”
It just goes to show how taking preventative action and installing an automatic fire suppression system pays off!