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Campervans are a popular way of holidaying both in the UK and when travelling abroad. With celebrities like Jamie Oliver choosing to drive these vehicles, they are increasingly seen as a cool way to travel. Motorhomes represent a major investment and a treasured possession, but they can be at risk of fire, so it is important to protect them with a suitable fire suppression system.

Fire remains the most significant risk factor for engineering companies and as the industry continues its resurgence, never has it been more important to take steps to avoid it.

With more processes run by fewer operators the chance of a fire going undetected is massively increasing.  Not only is there a risk to very expensive assets but also to the premises and personnel. This is particularly prevalent with autonomous overnight operations.

In February, Firetrace Ltd applied to give a presentation of their Fire Suppression Systems and services at the Mersey Maritime Face-2-Face event. From a hat, four companies were chosen at random and Firetrace was lucky enough to be one of those chosen to present.

Read how Firetrace’s automatic fire suppression systems for fume cabinets prevented a major fire breaking out at a laboratory belonging to a large pharmaceutical company.

You can now have an insight into Firetrace’s in-house daily manufacturing operations by watching their newest video upload on Youtube