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  • Fire Suppression Systems For Universities

    Firetrace Ltd specialise in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of fire suppression systems that can be used in many different university situations from data centres, science laboratories, through to student accommodation. Firetrace is a trusted supplier to the university sector supplying UK universities.

  • How Firetrace Protects Airports

    The smooth operation of any airport depends on Ground Support Equipment.

  • Kitchen Fire Suppression System – Choosing a System

    Six Top Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Fire Suppression System

    More than half of all home fires are caused by cooking equipment, according to Fire Statistics of Great Britain. With such alarming figures, many landlords and homeowners are deciding to play it safe and want to consider investing in a kitchen fire suppression system, in addition to the standard smoke alarms. 

  • Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems – How do They Work?

    If you're concerned about the risk of fire in your kitchen, you may want to consider buying kitchen fire suppression systems. But before installing one, it is important to look at whether this type of system is right for you, and to think about how the installation works to put out fires.

  • Residential Fire Suppression Systems - For Kitchens

    Kitchens are known to be the single most dangerous place in the home, and in particular are the source of more than 60% of fires, so installing residential fire suppression systems can help to cut the risk by ensuring that if the worst does happen and a blaze does break out, it can be tackled quickly, reducing risks to people and property.
    Kitchen safety may be a particular worry in premises where there are a number of people cooking, for instance student accommodation, sheltered housing, blocks of flats, or any other multi-occupancy dwellings. Installing residential fire suppression systems in this type of property will give protection and peace of mind to occupants and building owners alike.