Firetrace News

Fire protection of CNC, EDM and CAM machines is vital as there are many ways in which unwanted heat can be created during operation. Heavily used CNC and CAM machinery that are left unattended are particularly vulnerable as flammable lubricants and coolants increase the risk of fire.

Fires in CNC machines can cause severe damage in moments and potentially spread throughout the manufacturing facility causing expensive down time, costly repairs, human injury and damage to plant and equipment. The primary causes of such fires are either from oil-based fluids such as lubricants and coolants igniting or if a cutting tool fails.

Firetrace Ltd's automatic fire suppression system has been fitted to thousands of machines over the past 25 years. The system is ideal for protecting all types of automated machines.
The unique linear detection tubing that is installed throughout the risk area can quickly and accurately detect a fire often before the operator does.

Over the years Firetrace's system has successfully suppressed many fires that could have proved costly. One notable success story involves a Suffolk based manufacturing company, after experiencing a fire in one of their CNC machines which resulted in the fire service attending and the factory shutting, they decided to fit Firetrace to their machinery. When a couple of years later a second machine catch fire during operation the automated fire suppression system immediately activated, and the fire was extinguished without the need to call 999.

Firetrace is exhibiting at MACH 2018 at Birmingham NEC from 9th-13th April. MACH is the biennial exhibition that showcases advances in the manufacturing industry.

Click here to watch a CNC fire being extinguished by Firetrace's fire suppression system.