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Firetrace is proud to be a key partner of The 52 Express project.  The aim of the project is to set a new motorcycle world land speed record. Over the past few months the project team has been very busy in constructing the streamliner that will be ridden by former Moto GP rider and World Superbike Champion James Toseland. 


Much progress has been made over the summer and the streamliner is beginning to take shape. The team, lead by Alex MacFadzean have attached the seat and harness to the frame, fitted parachute tubes and installed the AER/Life Racing ECU unit that will handle all the data for a range of monitoring and control systems. The project has also taken ownership of a lorry and trailer; this will enable the team to transport the streamliner along with parts to various locations and to be able to work on it insitu.  

Firetrace Fitted to the Streamliner Frame

In August Firetrace founder and inventor Dave Melton and installation engineer Michael Brame joined the team at their base to first-fit a fire suppression system to the streamliner. The most likely place for a fire to occur is in or around the engine so when installing a fire suppression system, careful thought has to be given to the design as well as the selection of equipment.  

The photographs below are of the fire suppression system in place. Needless to say they show the basics only, before final positioning and the fitment of the specialist fixtures and mounts. 


Mounted actuators, nozzles and controlsMounted actuators, nozzles and controls

The first photograph shows the actuators, nozzles and controls mounted on top of the beam that connects the rear cockpit bulkhead to the one behind the engine.

Not only does this bulkhead keep any fire away from the rider, but it's also built to be just larger than the substantial roll cage structure attached to it in order to prevent it deforming if the streamliner goes down


Cockpit mounted alarmsCockpit mounted alarms

Cockpit mounted alarms and controls trigger the system to actuate the bottles mounted right up front (second picture) and therefore away from being damaged by any fire.


Aeroquip hoses and quick release connectors Aeroquip hoses and quick release connectors

The third image shows the Aeroquip hoses and quick release connectors to enable the front end of the liner to be easily detached.

The target to attempt the land speed record is next year but as ever funding is the major challenge. 



Follow the link for more information on how Firetrace's vehicle fire suppression systems can provided protection for your vehicle.