Firetrace News

Firetrace’s inhouse engineering and manufacturing team have been busy over the past few months developing and testing new products and systems. Some of these have already been implemented and others will be launched later this year.

Firetrace is the leading supplier of automatic fire suppression systems in the UK and is the only company to design, develop and manufacture their own systems from their base in Ipswich. Set out below are summaries of three of the many new developments.

High Throughput Systems

Firetrace’s high throughput dry powder range has been designed and developed to pass the R107 Swedish bus test. The bi-directional high throughput system is suited to protect small spaces within a vehicle’s engine compartments such as battery boxes. The system is also suited to the large internal volumes found on many waste stream process machinery.

Class D Powder System

The Class D Powder System has been developed because of the increase in special metals used in manufacturing and engineering in the UK. Class D fires are those that contain combustible metals, many of these metals are self-oxygenating so cannot be suppressed with standard extinguishants. The new system incorporates a special type of Class D powder diffuser that ensures the powder is correctly delivered to fully envelop the risk materials.

New Fryertrace Diffusers

Fryertrace is Firetrace’s popular automatic kitchen fire suppression system and is fitted to cooker hoods. Fryertrace is particularly suitable for areas where multiple small cooking areas are present such as student accommodation and studio flats.

Firetrace’s engineers have re-designed and manufactured a new type of diffuser for the domestic Fryertrace market, the diffuser is designed to complement modern domestic kitchen extract hoods by reducing the size of the diffuser compared to old styles.

More information on these and other new innovative developments will be published on the website over the next few months.

To speak to one of the Firetrace team about these new developments call 01473 744090  or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.