Firetrace News

Over three days in May, Citizen Machinery based in Brierley Hill, Birmingham hosted their first ever open event at their new Midlands premises. Many CNC operators and subcontractors were invited from all around the UK resulting in a record number of more than 300 attendees. 
With Citizen launching four new products at the event, Firetrace were pleased to have their own presence with Firetrace Indirect CO2 Fire Suppression Systems installed onto various sliding and fixed head CNC machines. Being a piece of equipment which can run during lights out, the continuity of the operation should be without fault. Firetrace fire suppression systems aid operations to run smoothly as the fully pneumatic Firetrace system activates to suppress fire without any power sources or manual triggers. 
Firetrace Automatic Fire Suppression Systems are manufactured to the highest quality standard conforming to ISO 9001:2015. If a high temperature or fire was to arise, the pressurised Firetrace detection tubing will burst at point of flame activating the cylinder valve and deploying the extinguishant immediately through diffusers. To prevent reignition or any further issues, a pressure switch may also be added to the fire suppression system. Should the tubing burst or a pressure loss occur then the switch will open and automatically cut the power to the machine. 
Firetrace Ltd were honoured to have been invited to such an impressive event and proud to be one of the chosen suppliers to be included in the sale of their products. We look forward to continuing our close relationship with Citizen Machinery in the development of our CNC fire suppression range,  ensuring that they meet the exacting requirements of the manufacturing sector and  perform to the highest standards when needed.