Firetrace News

In February, Firetrace Ltd applied to give a presentation of their Fire Suppression Systems and services at the Mersey Maritime Face-2-Face event. From a hat, four companies were chosen at random and Firetrace was lucky enough to be one of those chosen to present.
Set up in 2003, Mersey Maritime ‘represents the interests of the Ports and Martime sector in Merseyside.’
On March 1st, Tommy Cromblehome (one of Firetrace’s installation engineers) presented a 10-minute slide show including some practical demonstrations with a volunteer from Mersey Forwarding assisting.
The audience were surprised and impressed with the demonstration of the Fire Suppression System. The demonstrations included “Novec on the laptop” and “killing Trace the Firetrace Dog” where the Firetrace system activated and Trace the Firetrace Dog stopped singing and dancing. 
Off the back of the presentation Tommy received a formal invitation from one of the Mersey Maritime Group sponsors, to be their guest at the Mersey Maritime Industry Awards 2016 dinner which he gladly attended.