Firetrace News

Firetrace Managing Director Tim Melton and CNC Engineer Jacky Butcher attended the (RISE) Swedish Test Institute last week to test a newly manufactured product for fire suppression on coaches and buses.
On 11 July 2016, the document Addendum 106 – Regulation No. 107 – Revision 6 – Amendment 3 was published. The document included a procedure for testing fire suppression systems to protect all single-deck, double-deck, rigid or articulated vehicles of category M2 or M3, and especially those vehicles which have a capacity exceeding 22 passengers in addition to the driver – “Class III”. 

Firetrace Ltd have created a new product to comply with the UNECE 107 standard. The Firetrace High Through-put Bi-Directional Powder Fire Suppression System went through vigorous testing in Sweden where it extinguished a number of large fire scenarios including extreme low temperatures, and forced ventilation. After 3 days of testing it was declared that Firetrace Limited had passed all tests and achieved the UNECE regulation 107 standard. 

Using only 3 nozzles to extinguish all the test fires this makes the newly developed Firetrace system the simplest compliant system on the market. 
The unique design of the new system allows extinguishant to be discharged from the Firetrace tubing at the source of a fire in addition to the rapid deployment nozzles.
Delighted to receive this response Managing Director Tim Melton states “We envisage that this new system will be beneficial to the passenger vehicle market as it suppresses fires at source thus saving equipment, businesses and potentially lives”.
The new Firetrace system will be available to the bus & coach sector later this year exclusively via Forman Vehicle services.