Firetrace News

A Local Suffolk business’ product is to be featured this Sunday on North One Television’s special documentary along with Guy Martin.

Firetrace Ltd in Ipswich were contacted by the producers of ‘Guy Martins WW1 Tank’ the one-off documentary, to protect their newly built replica of a Mark 4 Female World War Tank from fire whilst filming their Remembrance Sunday televised show.

It was decided to build the replica vehicle as it was the first successful tank to survive the battle of Combrai in France 100 years ago. Assembled in Norfolk and filmed at various locations, the documentary has also had support from JCB who made various components for the replica, Chastead World Class who made the track plates and Norfolk Tank Museum who supplied the drive train and engine.

Firetrace Ltd was approached by the Norfolk Tank Museum because of their experience in designing and installing fire suppression systems for many types of vehicles and applications. “We wanted to provide the 8 people inside the tank with minimum ingress and enough time for get out of the tank safely.” – Steve Machaye Norfolk Tank Museum.

 “We were honoured to be asked to be part of this special event and enjoyed working with the team from Norfolk Tank Museum” – Dave Melton, Founder Firetrace Ltd

The documentary is airing on Sunday 19th at 8pm on Channel 4.

  •  Firetrace Limited is a family owned business based in Ipswich. 
  • They specialise in designing and building fire suppression systems that go straight to the heart of the fire with patented pneumatic detection tubing detecting a fire in its early stage and suppresses it before it becomes a larger more problematic fire. 
  • Firetrace have been manufacturing automatic suppression systems for over 25 years and was originally showcased on the BBC Tomorrows World show in 1990.
  • Firetrace have a number of documented success stories where the systems have both detected and extinguished the fires with little or no damage to the equipment.

For more information about our Automatic Fire Suppression Systems please contact us on 01473 744090 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.