Firetrace News

In December 2017 the world’s busiest airport Atlanta suffered a weekend power outage brought about by a fire in an underground service tunnel.

The fire occurred next to equipment for a back-up system, causing that also to fail. Over 1,400 flights were cancelled, and many passengers were stuck waiting on planes, disabled people had to be carried up and down stairs and inbound flights were diverted to other US cities.

This chaos and the resulting human misery may have been avoided if the airport authorities had fitted automatic fire suppressing systems in the service tunnel and on the backup equipment.

A Firetrace system can help to protect the most important areas in an airport, areas such as battery charging rooms, backup generators, escalators and lifts, fuel stores and baggage carousels.  Airport vehicles such as baggage trucks, freight loaders, passenger buses and refuelling tenders would also benefit from the protection of being fitted with a stand-alone vehicle fire suppression system.

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