Firetrace News

Today at Firetrace we are celebrating!!

Congratulations to our manufacturing engineer Jack who is now fully qualified on our machining centres by XYZ Machine Tools Ltd.

Here at Firetrace Limited, we train our staff to the highest standard to ensure they are comfotable and knowledgeable in their job role. 

We would like to congratulate Jack on becoming fully trained in operating our machining centres at our Ipswich facility.

Jack stated "By having this training, it has made me confident while operating the machines and given me skills I would not of achieved. I would like to thank Firetrace for giving me this opporuntity and hope to not only complete my daily tasks efficiently but also share my knowledge to enhance our expanding product range."

Being at Firetrace for 3 years, Jack has become an asset to our manufactuing team and we look forward to the future!