Firetrace News

Company director Tim Melton travelled to Scottsdale Arizona USA last week to meet with people from Firetrace’s sister company Firetrace International.

Firetrace International hosted an engineering meeting and invited representatives from all the Firetrace companies, including those from North and South America, the UK and Denmark.

The meeting included a review of new technology and a presentation from Tim on two new valves. The first valve provides protection using two different extinguishants and is particularly suited to engine fires where dry powder is deployed to quickly suppress a fire followed by a wet agent to remove the heat and reduce the chance of re-ignition.

The second new valve allows simultaneous discharge of extinguishant from both nozzles and the Firetrace tubing. This is very useful when protecting risks that include large open areas and small enclosures.

Both of these ideas were well received and Firetrace have started negotiations to offer the products to their American partners.