Firetrace News

Firetrace Ltd was proud to achieve LPCB accreditation in 2017 for its direct low pressure NOVEC 1230 system.

 The company remains  the only manufacturersof automatic fire suppression systems in the UK. The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) is the leading worldwide certification body in the fields of security and fire protection and LPCB approval is recognised globally by governments and regulatory authorities.

What was involved?

Gaining accreditation of the new LPCB Standard LPS1666 involved rigorous assessment and testing of Firetrace products by a team of independent experts.  Approval status is maintained by regular audits to ensure Firetrace’s products continue to meet the approval criteria.

What does this mean to you the customer?

All fire and security products approved by the LPCB are listed in the “Red Book”. By specifying a LPCB accredited system minimises the risk of installing an inferior quality fire suppression system. Certification shows that the product is fit for purpose and has been designed, tested and approved to use as part of essential fire safety equipment. In summary Firetrace’s direct low pressure NOVEC 1230 system can be trusted to perform as specified.

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