Firetrace News

We would like to congratulate one of our newest members of the team, Hannah on passing her Level 3 Business and Administration Apprenticeship. She has accepted to continue working at Firetrace full time in the administration office and has become a well-respected member of our team.

Following the completion of her apprenticeship, we asked Hannah a few questions as feedback on her learning.

What have you learnt after working at Firetrace for a year?
Whilst working at Firetrace I have learnt about the business itself in a professional manner and have gained the knowledge of both Fire Suppression and administration to independently complete my job role daily. Following this, I have increased my confidence by my use of communication in the workplace such as telephone and colleague interaction.

What skills to you think you have learnt from your apprenticeship to apply to at work?
I think that my apprenticeship has expanded my knowledge of using computer programmes such as using Microsoft Word, Excel and Database but also developed my writing ability and vocabulary.
The apprenticeship has also given me background knowledge of how businesses are operated and the various legal or health and safety obligations involved.

What did you enjoy and what did you find challenging?
I enjoyed the diverse topics which were included in the apprenticeship as it developed my knowledge and skills whilst at work and made me think outside of the box.
The most challenging part about the apprenticeship was completing the technical certificates/exam because I was nervous about the outcomes.

Do you recommend apprenticeships to others?
Yes, I believe that apprenticeships provide new opportunities whilst at work which they may not have been able to achieve in another job. They train people to successfully and confidently continue in their job role whilst constantly improving their skills and knowledge.

Any other comments?
I would like to thank my training provider for all of their help during my time as an apprentice and to Firetrace for giving me such a great opportunity.