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Fork lift trucks are expensive pieces of equipment and when a fire occurs the consequences can be devastating - expensive repair bills, costly downtime, risk to life and potentially serious damage to your warehouse facility.  

The best way to protect people and vehicles is to prevent fire altogether and there are a number of things you can and should be doing to ensure your fork lift truck does not become a serious fire risk.

Regular Cleaning

Fork lift trucks pick up dust, oil and debris from their environment as they move around, for instance scraps of paper, bits of plastic, brake fluid, oil and grease. This accumulation of combustible materials can restrict airflow and add fuel to fires. Regular cleaning will prevent build-up and therefore reduce the risk of fires.

Routine Maintenance

Fuel powered and electrically powered fork lift trucks must be routinely maintained. Maintenance should be carried out by trained and experienced operatives. Maintenance checks include checking that the oil, hydraulic fluid and fuel lines are clear from engine blocks and engine manifolds. Any signs of wear and tear such as damage to oil, gas and electrical lines should be rectified by either repairing or replacing the worn lines.

Safe Driving

Fork lift drivers must be trained on how to drive safely. Irresponsible driving is a major cause of accidents that lead to serious fires. Poor driving can result in trucks hitting other vehicles, storage racks and building supports which may lead to fire ignition.

Check Braking Systems

Poorly adjusted brakes can cause friction resulting in overheating and possibly fire. Brakes must be checked regularly.

Fire Suppression System

Following the steps outlined above will reduce the likelihood of a fire but not completely eliminate the risk of it occurring. By fitting a fire suppression system to your fork lift truck, you will protect the vehicle and driver from the effects of a fire spreading.

Firetrace Ltd’s vehicle fire suppression system requires no external power supply. The patented pressurised detection tubing bursts when the temperature rises to 120°C or it is touched by a flame, this then initiates the diffusion of the extinguishing agent.

More information on how Firetrace’s automatic vehicle fire suppression system can protect your equipment can be found here