Firetrace News

Founded in August 1996, Dave Melton the inventor of Firetrace, could never have envisioned the success his simple invention would have grown to become.

23 years later sees Firetrace Ltd manufacture and install their 100,000th Firetrace Automatic Fire Suppression System! And not only this, it was exchanged to reinstate a system which had expired its lifespan at Discovery Park, Sandwich.

Dave Melton – Inventor of Firetrace says “ I don’t believe it. Originally we started back in the 90’s just fitting a few Firetrace systems to combine harvesters; it must have been a while ago because I still had hair. We then found they were also useful in electrical control panels and before we knew it customers were also asking us to protect CNC machines, dock side cranes and every other sort of machine you can think of. All of a sudden here we are up to system number 100,000!! Typically everything has become more complicated with rows of buttons and flashing lights, but we at Firetrace have stayed with our original concept of standalone simplicity, totally pneumatic with no need for electricity or external power supply ensuring our equipment is always ready for action the moment a small fire occurs before it becomes a disaster”

Firetrace Ltd manufacture in Ipswich, Suffolk however install and maintain Firetrace automatic fire suppression systems nationwide with an established team of engineers.

We would like to thank all our clients, customers and agents for all your support and trust in our product.