The UK data centre market is the largest in Europe, worth over £70bn pa to the economy.

With demand for online services growing exponentially, the size of the data centre market will also increase.  Data centres are fundamental to modern day operations and an unplanned outage caused by fire could have profound consequences.  The potential risk is very real with many miles of cabling, and thousands of closely packed, heat generating devices to be found at each data centre. The challenge is to prevent fires in server racks, electrical panels and data cabinets and keep these key pieces of infrastructure running.  

There are countless causes of data centre fires, ranging from rodents biting through wires to lightning strikes. In 2008, an HSBC data centre in Welwyn Garden City was extensively damaged by exploding gas canisters owned by a building contractor. However, the main causes are overheating and electrical faults, and specialised fire systems must be fitted to protect this critical infrastructure

At Firetrace we can help you protect your data, operations and employees. Our world leading fire suppression systems are easy to install and maintain. Our direct low pressure Novec1230 system that is used to extinguish fires in small enclosures such as those found in data centres is certified by the LPCB and meets their LPS1666 standard. This means that you can be confident that our suppression system will perform as specified when needed.

We treat every installation as unique and are happy to discuss individual requirements. To find out more just call our team today on 01473 744090.