Keeping Your Tumble Dryer Safe From Fire...

Domestic and Industrial Fire Suppression Systems - Tumble Dryers

The cost of replacing machinery and equipment in a business could be costly and cause complications such as loss of working time.  
According to Fire Statistics Great Britain there were 719 fire incidents involving tumble dryers in 2011-2012. 
Firetrace fire suppression systems provide a straightforward solution to prevent any fire from escalating. Our systems can be retrofitted to provide protection from fire on all kinds of equipment.

Protecting Your Tumble Dryer With Firetrace

The Firetrace solution uses a linear pressurised detection tube which is heat sensitive.
Should the tubing sense heat or flame it will rupture and the resultant pressure loss will open a pneumatic valve and deploy extinguishant via fixed diffusers. 
This makes Firetrace® both more affordable and more reliable than electronic based systems, as there is no need for batteries or electric power.
Firetrace Automatic Fire Suppression System Installed onto Tumble Dryer

So How Does It Work?

The system is complete with a volt free pressure operated switch which is interfaced to the protected machine to ensure it is automatically turned off in the event of a fire or fault (commercial machines have an emergency stop circuit which makes interface possible).
The system is fully automatic and operates independently to the machine. The design for laundry dryers involves installing the detection tubing across the exhaust duct and above the drum.
Should a fire be detected this tubing will rupture and operate a pneumatic valve which will deploy Carbon Dioxide into the machine. The CO2 extinguishant will totally inert the machine including the drum. It is important that the machine is in a ventilated area so that the gas can disperse safely.

Why Choose Firetrace?

All business owners are worried about the risk of production time being lost if a fire causes damage, as well as the likely costs. Firetrace minimises these risks, since it works quickly to put a fire out as soon as it is detected. 
Firetrace offers cost-effective industrial fire suppression systems which can easily be installed on plant as needed, including retrofitting to machinery already installed. Hydraulic systems can be protected along with engine compartments and even electrical panels.
We have been working in the fire industry for more than 20 years and have many satisfied customers. All our systems meet high quality standards (CE mark) and we can advise you on the solution which is right for you, both designing and installing a suppression system at your workplace.
Example of Firetrace Detection Tubing Installation

"This is a job really well done" - Firetrace Complete Fume Cupboard Installation Project

The success of any Firetrace automatic fire suppression system installation is measured not only by its effectiveness but also by customer satisfaction. Firetrace's team of skilled and knowledgeable engineers consistently exceed expectations, earning praise from satisfied customers.

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How We Deliver

Our fire suppression system design and technical team have many years experience in designing systems to suit specific applications.

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"Just like to say the 2 young men you sent to us last week to install the New Firetrace system completed all tasks in a very professional and efficient manner. They were courteous they cleaned up after working and were a delight to deal with. 

All the best and thanks " - Syngenta Ltd