Keeping Public Transport Vehicles Safe From Fire

Fire Suppression System For Coaches and Buses

In London alone, there are over 8000 buses which complete around 4.5 billion journeys in 2017/18.

For a public transport vehicle to have any issue is not only frustrating but could be devastating for a high risk such as fire. 

There are two products specific to the Firetrace product range for buses and coaches; the EV & R107 Firetrace System. Both systems which automatically detect and suppress the fire at source.

This is achieved by the Firetrace detection tubing being routed though the risk area offering protection along its entire length.

R107 System

The Firetrace Indirect Low Pressure Integrated High Throughput Bi-Directional Fire Suppression System is fully compliant with the new UNECE regulation R107.

Designed for local applications within vehicle engine areas using ABC Dry Powder, it can also be extended to cover adjacent battery/heater compartments.

An optional pressure switch can also be supplied to indicate discharge, shutdown ventilation and electrical power upon actuation. The system can also work in conjunction with any VMMS system to provide audible indication of the systems status as well as notification of discharge or fault.

How it works

The system uses linear detection tubing that can detect fire or a temperature above that of normal operation.

The tubing offers detection along its entire length ensuring fast and accurate activation throughout the risk areas. In addition to the nozzles the Firetrace system uses the patented bi-directional technology providing the ability to protect small or concealed areas without the need for additional diffusers.

The Firetrace system operates pneumatically and does not require energy from the vehicle to operate. This alleviates the need for separate power supplies or battery backups and also makes the entire system fail safe with minimal moving parts.

Firetrace R107 approved fire suppression system for buses

EV System


Specially designed for electric vehicles, The Firetrace bi-directional automatic fire suppression system will not conduct electricity or harm electrical components.

The system operates fully pneumatically without the need for any external power or batteries using proven linear detection tubing (already utilised on over 10,000 city buses.)

Being able to deploy agent in areas up to 20 Metres away from the cylinder, it deploys from both diffusers and directly from the ruptured detection tubing.

With a 10-year cylinder life it can be fully monitored to indicate discharge, fault or isolation.

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